Qualifying For Services

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How to Qualify

Answer these questions to see if you qualify

1 Do you have a diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability?

2 Are you a citizen of Callaway County?

If yes, you are qualified to receive services that we fund with local tax levy dollars through our Individual and Family Support Program.

1 Do you have a Service Coordinator through the Missouri Department of Mental Health?

2 Do you have a Home and Community Based Waiver through Missouri Medicaid?

If you answered yes to both, you are qualified for state and federal funded services at our Life Enrichment Center, and more.


If You Answered No Above

Follow these steps

If you answered No to the questions above, your next step is to contact the Central Missouri Regional Office of the Missouri Department of Mental Health to confirm your eligibility and sign up.

Central Missouri Regional Office
900 West Nifong Blvd., Suite 200
Columbia, MO 65203

Once you are deemed eligible, you will be assigned a Service Coordinator who will help you direct your services. You can contact Callaway County Special Services for additional information any time.

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